4 Tips for Choosing Shoes To Match Your Outfit

Most women get a bad reputation for being obsessed with shoes. With the gamut of styles and colours available in footwear, it is only natural that a woman will have her closet filled with shoes of all types from top to bottom. This article will guide you through some key pointers that you can consider next time you buy shoes. It will teach you how to choose footwear according to the outfit you are wearing and the appropriate colours to go along with it.

Choosing Colours

The colours of your shoes must ideally complement your clothes and not compete with them. For example, wearing simple black or nude heels or pumps is ideal with bright, bold patterned dresses. If you wore patterned or bright footwear, this would make your overall look overwhelming. Of course, this depends on your personal preference and you can wear whatever you wish to as long as there is no dress code and you are comfortable wearing it. The good news is that there is no such thing as the fashion police for you to get charged for! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks.

Adding Zest to a Neutral Outfit

If you wear a plain outfit then wearing bright or sparkly shoes will add a pop of colour and make the outfit stand out. For example, if you wear plus size bodysuits in white with jeans, wearing patterned shoes such as leopard skin will give an instant boost and make it look dressy and smart. In addition, you can wear colour from your outfit to match. One way to do this for a multi-coloured outfit for example with pink and purple colours, you can consider a deep or darker shade of purple for footwear. However, try to avoid very strict colour matching such as wearing the same colour from head to toe. Wearing different shades of the same colour would look more flattering. As always this is up to your personal preference.

Wearing Stilettos and Low Heels

If you want to elongate your legs, then pairing your favourite stilettos with clothing such as pencil skirts or slim pants will make you look slender and attractive. Low heels such as kitten heels are a more versatile option because these can be worn at work while it will still be great at a night out. If you have short legs, nonetheless, stay away from heels with ankle straps or T straps as these types of straps tend to cut off the legs making your legs look short. Stilettos that are more than 4 inches tall must be avoided if you have short legs as these leave your calf muscles to flex more while walking leaving your legs to look less long.

Open Toe and Closed Toe

Square-toed or oval shaped heels are great on women with large feet because pointy or tapered heels will make your feet look bigger. Closed toe heels or pumps are good for formal events or banquets. You can go with either closed or open toe shoes for semi-formal events.