Easy Recipes for Your Backyard Party This Weekend

Do you fancy throwing a backyard party this coming weekend? That’s a good idea! Time to prepare something though. Since it will be in your backyard, the venue will not much be of a problem. All you have to think about is the type of food that you will serve to your guests. Generally, a backyard party will require some effort on your part since it requires a lot of cleaning duties before and after the party. On top of this, you will have to prepare food. Although a pizza delivery will be an easy way out, it would be such a shame to throw a backyard party with just some pizza. Make it more special by creating simple recipes that you can easily make at home. Below are some recipe ideas that you can work on for your party.

Rotisserie Chicken

One of the easiest recipes to prepare is the rotisserie chicken. You just have to season the chicken with your preferred seasoning – it can be barbeque, lemongrass, Cajun, or any flavour that you prefer. Then roast in your oven with a spit. While you are waiting for it to cook, you can work on other recipes. Once cooked, you can pull it apart and serve it to your guests as barbecue chicken sandwiches and sliders. Just be sure to prepare some bread beforehand so you’re ready with your sandwiches. 

Biscuits with Ham

A good combination is the biscuits and ham. As a matter of fact, you can buy this outside but you will have to prepare this at home. It will be more expensive to buy something already prepared in a restaurant. On the day before the party, be sure to drop by the grocery to purchase buttermilk biscuits and some honey ham. Carefully arrange the biscuits and the ham on a plate before serving it to your guests. Voila! Another recipe made!

Caprese Bites

Add some character to your party food by serving the caprese bites. It may sound complicated but it’s super easy to make and it’s also a healthy food choice. Select a decorative toothpick of your choice, just skew 1 cherry tomato, 1 basil leaf, and an itsy-bitsy ball of mozzarella cheese. Add some marinated olives, sliced Italian meat, and some breadsticks when you serve it. Indeed, it’s an easy yet healthy meal to feast on!


The obvious party favourites are the Margarita and the Daiquiri. Both are easy to prepare because it utilizes basically the same distilled spirit, which can either be tequila or rum. You just need to add some fresh fruits to add a delectable flavour. If you want an Apple Margarita, you just need to blend your chosen distilled with an apple pucker and an apple juice. If you want a Banana Daiquiri, use a banana instead. However, if you want a more diversified set of drinks, you can view ginger beer home brew kit that you can make beforehand. It’s easy to follow process makes it a best candidate for a party drink that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Make your backyard party more special with your easy-to-prepare homemade meals that will surely delight your guests.