Every Girl’s Basic Guide to Makeup

Though not every girl grows up Cray about the stuff, there is no denying that a majority do. And pretty much all little girls play with their mother’s makeup, so this is a part and parcel of their lives. That said, if you are just discovering the joys and artistic element of makeup, welcome to a whole new world. It is confusing and baffling at first, but just like anything else, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to work with. Hence, one of the first things you should do is take a look at the list below, which will list out some of the most basic things every girl should know about when it comes to makeup.

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Be Confident

Not everyone is born with Beyoncé-like confidence, and while some may argue that it cannot be taught, we disagree. If you convince yourself of a change in personality and actively work towards breaking out of a shell, you can get there. When it comes to makeup, as much as you have to go with what works for you, you should not be afraid to experiment and try on various options. Sure you might feel ridiculous, but you will be surprised as to the results you might sometimes end up with. This is how people stumble upon accidental discoveries.

Tricks & Tips

There is a hoard of makeup tips and tricks out there for you to make use of, and it would be well worth it to go through them. Of course memorizing and actually remembering all of them at the same time is not very practical and also very unlikely, but if you do bother going through them a few times, you will find that you suddenly remember one of them during a makeup fix, say at a public restroom, at which point you will thank yourself profusely for being so diligent. From how to keep your makeup organiser, well… organized, to protecting your makeup itself, there is so much to learn.

Keep It Fresh

If you want to achieve a consistently flawless, non-cakey look every single time, then you will have to start from the bottom. That means cleansing your skin regularly, ensuring you do not ever sleep with your makeup on, and keeping your tools and makeup clean in general. You cannot expect your makeup (inanimate objects), to magically revive your face when it has been so carelessly looked after all of this time. Makeup can only help so much. The rest is you.

Prep the Skin

Before you rush off applying primer, foundation and whatever else, make sure you prep your skin first. If it feels dry, apply a moisturizer. Cover up dark circles and calm down zits with some ice. Applying makeup onto skin that has not been prepped will just achieve a cool effect, which nobody likes. Makeup is always in its best form when it has been supported with some skincare, so make it a point to take care of your skin regularly. It will stand you in good stead even in the future.