How to Choose Between Boxers and Briefs

The age-old question for men: boxers or briefs? It might have been simple when mom used to buy your undergarments too, but now it’s up to you to make the decision. There are several factors to consider before you choose what type of undergarments to wear. Buying boxers or briefs these days is not like how it was when you were young. So don’t think about the stereotypes. There are so many new designs to keep you comfortable as much as possible. Here are several tips to help you decide between boxers and briefs:

Briefs Offer Support, Boxers Offer Comfort

The main difference between boxers and briefs is how much support each offers. Briefs are highly supportive and will secure your package well. Some briefs even help to minimize the bulging, something you might appreciate when you have to dress up for a formal occasion. Boxers, on the other hand, cover up but don’t actively support your frontal parts. There are disadvantages and advantages to both. Boxers offer highly levels of breathability, so you can move about comfortably in them. But when you move too much, boxers may also cause chafing. Briefs may feel a bit stifling at times, but will offer protection against jiggling and chafing during intense activity like running.

Consider Trunks

These days, men’s underwear is not limited to boxers and briefs. So if you don’t like either, you can always consider trunks. Trunks are comfortable, supportive, and is generally suited for all types of occasions. You can wear trunks to work, gym, or even to bed if you’d like. Modern trunks are made from highly comfortable fabrics designed to help your privates stay dry and cool. In case you cannot actually decide between boxers and briefs, you can consider trunks.

There are also other types of undergarments you can consider in general to suit different occasions. If you are off to the gym, you might want to consider getting jockstraps instead. Men nowadays have different options for staying comfortable so don’t limit yourself to just two when shopping.

Find Middle Ground with Boxer Briefs

A boxer-brief, as you may guess, is a combination of a boxer and a brief. The boxer-brief is long like boxers, but still fits like a regular pair of briefs. A boxer-brief may come up to the middle of your thigh. Unlike regular boxers or even some briefs, these won’t cause chafing. You can expect full support and lot of coverage with these.

Choose the Right Fabric

Whether you choose boxers or briefs won’t matter if you don’t choose the right fabric. Considering the clothing will cover an intimate and sensitive part of your body, you should choose a soft fabric. The fabric must be breathable too, otherwise you will start sweating down there with prolonged wear. Cotton is one of the best comfy and breathable fabrics around. Therefore, when buying boxers or briefs, choose cotton or cotton mixed fabrics.

Last but not least, choose the right size. Guarantee comfort when wearing boxers or briefs by choosing the right size. Don’t buy items that are either too loose or too tight. It’s not possible to return worn undergarments, so you might want to buy items in slightly different sizes to test the exact right fit for your body.