How To Dress Sporty From Top To Bottom

We have all seen that woman who arrives to almost every place that you might see her looking sporty and up for action every single time. Do you adore that look too? Well this article is about to give you everything that you would need to do, in nailing that tone. We hope to give everything that you should consider wearing if you wish to look as admirable as she does, leaving others in awe. So, without further ado, let me take you from the top to the bottom on sporty pieces of clothing.


Since we are hoping to take things from the top, let’s begin with caps! Wearing beanies, ball caps and baker boy caps make a person look a little more sporty than usual. This can be worn over short loose hair or paired with a high ponytail which reflects your personality of refraining from distractions.


Your outerwear includes all things you would wear over the immediate top. For example, jackets and womens hoodies Australia are both included as the outerwear. Jackets and hoodies can easily be worn over a tee or a blouse. But most of the time, if you are nailing the sporty look, then it is most preferred that you pair the jacket with a classy looking tee or leave the hoodie on over a sports bra.


This is whatever piece of clothing that sits under your outerwear if you decide to adorn yourself with a sporty jacket. Your tee could be a stylish polo or an under armour that speaks your personality of being physically active.


The next piece of clothing you would need to match for your sporty look is to wear appropriate pants for the outfit. In reference to the above, if you choose to wear a jacket or a hoodie, jeans would do perfectly, but if you do wish to wear something else apart from jeans, then it is most recommended that you wear jogger pants, track pants or leggings which are most likely to cling on the body and provide stretch.


Shoes are the last most thing to consider in your sporty look. If you manage to pull together something within the above categories, it is obvious that you cannot pair it up with a pair of flip flops, so wearing something like running shoes, boots, sneakers, boat shoes or even any kind of footwear that prepares you for all kinds of situations.

Well there you go, that is all the layers which would have to wear if you wish to go for the sporty girl kind of look. So, by wearing all of the above layers in the most appropriate manners, you would be able to make yourself seem sporty and active instead of seeming lazy and lethargic. All the above layers include almost everything you need from the top of your head to the foot of your leg, following them would make you too seem like celebrities after a workout even if you do not work out!