How to Stylishly Impress Your Guests?

Do you love to entertain? There really is nothing quite like getting your house spick and span, ready to impress your guests with both your food and amicable personality. A stressful experience at times, but if you do it right, then you’ll be the talk of the town for weeks with a significant boost to your hosting reputation. Here’s a guide that will help you stylishly decorate your interior and impress your guests in just a few steps.

An Open Space

Let’s start with the basics; you’re going to need to do some major de-cluttering. Anything that doesn’t add essential aesthetic value or won’t provide seating for your guests should be moved to a room that’s off limits and away from the party. Guests love an open floor and atmosphere- there is nothing more cleansing. It makes it easier for guests to get around and lighten the mood.  A more complicated floor plan, however, can lead to uneasy guests since it can be too cluttering and claustrophobic.

Gentle Lighting

With your lighting, you want to create a soft, intimate ambiance. Harsh, bright fluorescent and black lights are not what you need so make sure your lighting is easy on the eyes and a mood lifter. Get the right accentuation for your lights by going for fixtures that are less bulky and daintier. For example, white pendant lights will give you that perfect intimate look.

Spread the Snacks

The greater your spread, the happier your guests will be. Nothing brings a crowd together faster than good food. Not all your snacks need to be on one table. No, you can have them at different tables so your guests will be free to mingle while having food within easy reach. You’ll soon have a group of guests gathering around your tables and having a good time.

Decorate Strategically

Many a time, a host/hostess will find themselves stressing so much about the upcoming function that they tend to over decorate. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make since it is a dead giveaway that you’re trying too hard. That’s not what we’re trying to achieve- we want effortless and chic. The perfect balance would be to incorporate some additional decorations subtly to your household to get the point across. It’s also a good idea to incorporate nature into your decorations- wood platters, fresh flowers etc. But once again, don’t over-do it. You don’t want your house to smell overpoweringly of flowers and making your guests uncomfortable.


With the emergence of Interest, we’ve come to learn just how creative people can be. And if it impresses us, it will definitely impress your guests. Do a little bit of research and get some creative ideas. Making things on your own will give the space a unique, personal flair and is a stylish way of impressing your guests if you can get it right.

These are some of the best ways to impress your guests. Heed this advice and you’ll be perfectly fine. But remember, most importantly, you’ll be impressing your guests with your warm welcome and smile. After all, guests do love to feel special and wanted.