Match Your Hairstyle with the Neckline of Your Dress

Have you ever tried out that hairstyle you have always wanted to try but still felt uncomfortable as you look into the mirror? Have you sent hours perfecting a hairstyle and still want thrilled with the result or did something felt wrong? This might probably be because your dress or rather the neckline of your dress does not match with your hairstyle. Take a look at the tips below to find out how to match your hair to your neckline.


Planning to go in a V-neck? Then the best look for your hair can be a hair up-do or even a swept back look. Keeping your hair behind your ears help to make your neckline even longer and slender. If you are going to try out an up-do try going for a messy bun as they are in trend these days. If you are having lose hair, keep it combed back and sleek.


Straps usually allow you to experiment with a few different hairstyles. So when picking out the style to rock with a strapped dress, you can either think of the occasion or the theme of the party to decide on one style. Loose hair on waves can give you that romantic feminine look. You can either let your waves fall on your shoulders or side sweep them and let them fall over one shoulder.

Turtle Neck

Since your neckline is really high, you have to go for a style that won’t make your neckline look even shorter. Instead go for styles that can make your neck look elongated. Try some hair up-dos for turtle necks. Yu can try out either a messy up-do to give your style a funkier or relaxed vibe. If you want to add a more put-together look in a fancier way, try a sleek bun.


Just like straps, strapless is also pretty versatile allowing you to try a many different hairstyles with it. However, if you have broad shoulder, try wearing your hair on shoulder to take attention away from your shoulders. You can also try combed back styles such as ponytails or up-dos.

Backless Dress

If you prefer to show off your shape and give it an elongated look, the best style for backless dress is the up-do. But if you do not want to show off too much of skin, then go for a loose hairstyle. Still not satisfied with how it makes you look? Get to ibiza hair salon south Melbourne and they will show you the exact kind of style that would bring out you shape.

One Shoulder

One shoulder dress is a unique style that can make you stand out in an event. When deciding the hairstyle for this, try an up-do so that the details of your dress are not covered by hair. It does not always have to be a top knot. Have a loose lower bun or a low ponytail that helps to push hair back from your face.

Off Shoulder

This another style that is increasingly becoming popular. If you want to try this look but still don’t want to reveal too much skin, then go with loose hair over your shoulder. Whether its straight or waves, it will look perfect. If not, you can try pushing your hair and let it fall over your back.

Choosing the perfect hair style for the neckline of a dress will not only allow you to bring out your best looks but will also let you flaunt your favourite dresses without your hair getting in the way.