What Not To Do When Wedding-Planning?

Brides are usually thinking so hard and so much about what they should do for their wedding, they forget what they should not do. Understandably, this is one of the most exciting days of their lives so they should celebrate no doubt; but paying attention to some don’ts will help reel you in when you need it the most. Brides often have so much to take care of, and even with the help of family and her bridesmaids, it can still all seem a little too much to handle. Which is why, this little guide of what not to do is right here, to help you on the lead up to your big day.

Spending Too Much On the Dress

Your wedding dress is important no doubt, and the star of the show (after you of course), and it does need to look good. But do not make the mistake of overestimating how good it should look, and end up spending more than you can afford. Remember, there is a whole wedding to plan. Else, you will most likely be in your dress with your groom, but no guests. Perhaps a few garden elves and fairies who will join you for the occasion. Seriously though, be smart about the dress.

Get Attached To Things

Be it the venue, the dress or the wedding flowers, try to practice not getting attached to specific option. Of course by all means have one, but do be prepared for unavailability. Instead of it crushing you, if you are prepared you will be able to opt for the next best thing, and still be happy about it. If it works out then that is great, but things always change and you should be able to have a grip on it. Nobody likes to deal with Bridezillas.


You are definitely in charge of your wedding, and you most definitely have the final say. However, that does not mean you can really micromanage so if you are that type of person, you may as well back off now. Your bridesmaids and even the groom can help with ensuring all the little details are taken care of. This is because as much as the perfect wedding is important, if the bride is exhausted, then it will not be much of a party now would it? Delegate work and monitor, so you maintain a balance at all times and do not overwork yourself.

Give Out All the Details

You worked so hard to put the perfect wedding together, so why are you going to divulge everything before the day? Leave something for the guests to enjoy and marvel at. You need not give out all the details of your wedding to everyone. So as hard as it might seem to not talk about it, do try. It will feel good on the day, when you know there are a few surprises in store for everyone. You want to not just have a perfect wedding, but a memorable one as well, which is exactly what this does.